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Dear Fellow I AM ONESIMUS,

Welcome to I AM ONESIMUS!   I AM ONESIMUS means profitable.  Its is located in the book of Philemon 1:10.  Onesimus was an ex-con who was discipled by Paul in prison.  However, after he was radically changed, he was petitioned by Paul for Philemon to send him back unto Paul to minister unto him.  The word of God said he became profitable (Philemon 1:11).  He started living up unto his name.  We believe that many of those who have come to prison bare this name.  It will only take some Godly training and Godly love to bring it to surface.  We ask that others join us on this journey to assist and help others so that they can declare, "I am Onesimus"  

I AM Onesimus believes that each one of the 9.6 million (2.3 million US) people incarcerated in the world today represents a broken life and a family in pain.  Yet with the proper direction of Jesus Christ, he will grant an opportunity to rebuild their life in which hearts can be made whole.  The inward change will lead to create an outward renewal.
I AM Onesimus is a 501 (c) (3), nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, fully funded through gifts and donations from businesses, churches, foundations and individuals committed to seeing lives restored.  

Our Services include: Spiritual Development, Housing, Legal Assistance, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship/Job Placement, Health Services, Relationship and Family.

President- Anthony Griffith
Director-Kotaya Griffith​
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At World Worship Church, we head the prisons ministry where we publish the World Worship Prison Newsletter, a quarterly newsletter that we use to keep our inmates up to date on the latest news and activities at our church and share testimonies.

Prison Newsletter
  • 7.2 million Americans are on probation, in jail or prison or parole
  • 95% of the men and women in our jails and prisons right now will be back in society

Board of Directors

Robert Barnes
Research and Client Development

Lanaria Barnes
Treasurer-Finance Coodinator