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Dear Donor,

We thank you in advance for considering I am Onesimus as a potential recipient of your monetary donation! I am Onesimus is a non-profit organization whose mission is to esteem value back unto those who were once incarcerated. In order to achieve this, we will be connecting returning citizens with various organizations, churches and potential employers.  

One of our initiatives is to help with basic immediate needs for an individual upon their release from prison. We have enclosed below just some of the necessities, please understand that your donation will be targeting these areas to help their road to success. 

The following are some of the expenses for one returning citizen transitioning back into society:

Non-drivers license $10
Drivers license or renewal $20
Monthly bus or transit passes $80.00
Clothing $50
Ink cartridges and copies for documents $15
Transition house security deposit $100
Gas money to drive returning citizen $ 30
Two haircuts for their interviews $20
Toiletries $15

Feel free to make your donations through our website iamonesimus.com, by clicking on the donate tab. You may also make a check or money order payable to I am Onesimus, Po Box 29124 Charlotte, NC 28229. We are able to provide you with a receipt to claim for your annual income tax by our accountant at end of this year. 

Thank you for investing in this returning citizen’s future!
Director, Anthony Griffith  
Co-Director, Kotaya Griffith